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AQUAFIN Turtle Sticks | 1000ml

Food for Aquatic Turtles
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2 Turtle Feeds
3 Turtle Products
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  • Contains high amount of protein and calcium
  • Floating type pellet and is ideal for all types of turtles
  • Reduces the waste output and the odor
  • Easy to digest and very healthy



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AQUAFIN Turtle Sticks
Improves the color quality as well it improves the cell structure and it also provides immunity against any intestinal diseases.

1. Ideal for all types of turtles and reptiles.
2. Contains high amount of protein and calcium.
3. It is a floating type pellet.
4. It reduces the waste output and the odor.
5. Calcium helps prevent softening of the shell.
6. Its easy to digest and very healthy.

Nutrient Composition:
Crude Protein Min: 35%
Crude Fat Min: 3%
Crude Fibre Max: 10%
Moisture Max: 10%.

High Class Fish Meal, Wheat Meal, Soya Meal, Fish Oil, Cereals, Spirulina, Multivitamins, Supplement Trace Mineral.

#Mayur L. Kadam
Monday 10th of April 2017
My turtle is really enjoying it's food. It's a good purchase and thanks to aquariums india for providing me at 10% less price (coupon). I was thinking what to buy from market and then I thought of searching it online and I found this.

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