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AQUMEDI BeFuran | 2g x 4 sachets

Broad spectrum fish medicine
Category/Categories :
1 Medications
2 Freshwater
3 Saltwater
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  • A board spectrum medication
  • Prevent and cure for various internal and external infections
  • Formulated in U.S.A.



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A board spectrum medication, prevention and cure for internal and external bacterial, fungal, protozoa infections, effective for treatment of surface wounds, external abrasions and lesions. Works immediately and safe for fresh and sea water fish.

  • 2g x 4 sachets
  • Formulated in U.S.A.
  • Processed in Singapore.
#Sushovan Banerjee
Tuesday 11th of April 2017
Best medicine for almost kind of issues with Flower Horn. Mine was not eating since almost a month. Tried a lot of things but didn't worked and then I finally contacted the seller and he recommended this and now my fish is eating just like he used too.
#Raghav Mallik
Friday 31st of March 2017
This is the best medicine I have come across for my discus fish. They were not eating from last couple of days and the body shape and color were also in poor condition and then I contacted this seller and he recommended me this medicine for treatment and the rest is here. 1000% satisfied and happy.

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