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AZOO Vegetable Shrimp Pie | 120ml - 60g

Ultra Fresh Formula Fish Food
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1 Bottom Feeders & Catfish
2 Freshwater
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  • 100% All-natural protein from fresh meat, vegetables and seaweed
  • 30% Natural spirulina + seaweeds
  • 11% Sweet potato leaves + mulberry leaves
  • 0% Additives, artificial colors or byproducts



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AZOO Vegetable Shrimp Pie
Best for a variety of herbivorous plecos and herbivorous tropical fish

  • Meat/vegetable ratio at 3:7
  • 100% All-natural protein from fresh meat, vegetables and seaweed
  • 30% Natural spirulina + seaweeds
  • 11%  Sweet potato leaves + mulberry leaves
  • 0% Additives, artificial colors or byproducts

100% naturally nutritious & formulated with spirulina and fresh veggies for superior palatability
Formulated with high content of wild sword prawns (up to 25%), with fresh-pick sweet potato leaves, mulberry leaves, natural spirulina, seaweed, garlic, plus a variety of carefully selected natural ingredients, it delivers superb palatability and full range of nutritional values for herbivorous plecos and tropical fish.

Nibbler-friendly shrimp pie that rapidly softens in water, and stays firmly in shape without disintegrating even after 24 hours for crystal clear water
We insist on all natural processing. Containing no coagulant, the delicious shrimp pie is created by constantly kneading fresh flour dough and 10 hours of low-temperature baking process. Enhanced with intestinal probiotics, the flavorful shrimp pie rapidly absorbs water and the outer layer quickly softens but without disintegrating even after 24 hours. The clear water formulation allows this nibbler-friendly food to be grazed and even chewed on by plecos, while leaving no residues that may cloud the water. Always keeping the water clean, this offering keeps the original flavors and nutritional values of the fresh ingredients intact and makes it easier for fish to ingest and digest for complete absorption of nutrients, thereby reducing waste excretion.

Natural coloration (30% Australian spirulina + Norwegian seaweed)
Proprietary formulation of Australian spirulina, natural seaweed and premium fresh sword prawns enhances the natural coloration of your fish, presenting them in their most natural and vivid colors with no mottled hues.

Ganoderma polysaccharides, garlic and Vitamin B group added to boost immunity
Premium-quality immune-boost formula: rich in valuable nutrients such as Ganoderma polysaccharides, garlic, Australian spirulina, vitamin A, D3, C, E, B1, B2, B6, & B12), β-carotene, natural minerals, and trace elements to fortify your fish's immune system, boost metabolism, increase energy and reduce diseases.

Feed 1-2 times per day; each time in amounts no more than can be consumed within 6 hours

#Indranil Kundu
Saturday 15th of April 2017
Good product...
#Debojyoti Sen
Friday 14th of April 2017
Bought this just because of the reviews and glad I did as all the bottom feeder love them. Will buy again.
#Karthik M.
Tuesday 11th of April 2017
Our placo seems to like these more than the others we have gotten. He swims up almost immediately when we put them in.
#Avdhoot Sankpal
Monday 3rd of April 2017
Great wafers, strong smell. My plecos loves them. The instant the smell reaches them in the tank and they go crazy looking for it.
#Neha Saluja
Monday 27th of March 2017
My fish have grown to absolutely love these wafers. I added these to their diet as soon as I got them and I haven't looked back. I will continue to order these in the future. There is always a fish attacking these things like it's their favorite food and I have now been adding more at a time seeing as how they don't break up too fast in the water if it just sits there. It is a good treat and addition to the supplements for my fish. Great quality wafers.
#Kabeer Mahato
Wednesday 15th of March 2017
I just bought this tablet food for my bristle nose pleco and some other algae eaters. It was my second order, the first being a NLS brand of fish food and my fishes are loving this feeds very much and seems are all very happy with their new food, and so am I. It's like candy to them !!

I will continue to order this excellent food and other great products at great prices from Aquariums India.

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