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AZOO Flexi Mini LED Lighting Fixture

World's most perfect small aquarium lighting fixture
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2 Planted Aquarium Lighting Units
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  • Suitable for tanks from 10-30 litres
  • Full spectrum LEDs
  • Made of high quality alloy
  • Swelable for comfortable working



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AZOO Flexi Mini LED Lighting Fixture

The world's most perfect small aquarium LED lighting fixture

FLEXI-Mini is one of the industry leading technology products, the manufacturer used a piece of aerospace a aluminium alloy, advanced CNC manufacturing processes, cutting out into one elegant piece, making every detail inside and outside have extraordinarily superior unit , dramatically reducing the required components. Simple enough that you don't even know it exists.

In order to provide the best visual experience, the manufacturer has gone through more than 5.000 corrections in R&D and visual tests on hundreds of people. FLEXI-Mini features triple luminosity and is coordinated with FLEXl-mini HCRI LEDs, capable of offering the most suitable visual colour saturation for the human eye Its colour rendering (CR1) of up to 80% is able to restore the attractive colours of any living organism. After you have experienced it, you will no longer get as much visual satisfaction from any other LED lighting product.

FLEXI-mini HCRI LED is the world's first full-spectrum LED that surpasses the quality of traditional fluorescent tubes. The manufacturer adopts the most advanced HPAR chip hybrid technology, capable of generating a full-spectrum wavelength within the millimetre-sized LED component, and this is the closest to natural sunlight to meet the light required by all aquatic plants. As compared to traditional lamps, FLEXI-mini HCRI LED features double the photosynthetic performance (PAR) capable of stimulating the generation of chlorophyll and anthocyanin significantly, to fully meet your desires, creating a small aquarium with a natural environment.

A really good design means that every time you see, touch and use the various functions of this product, you should feel a sense of elegance and pleasure.

Features and Specifications:

  • 15 LEDs - 0,4 Watt each
  • Full spectrum LEDs for optimal plant growth
  • Made of high quality alloy
  • Swivable for comfortable working
  • Colour temperature ca. 6700 K
  • Luminous flux: 675 Lumen
  • Waterproof grade IP24
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Power consumption: 800mA
  • Beam angle: 120°
  • Applicable Aquarium size: L 26-36cm | W 18-22cm | H 15-26cm
  • Dimension: Length 235mm | Width 120mm | Height 8mm | Total height 37mm
  • Max. possible Glass thickness 6mm
  • Suitable for NANO Tanks from 10 to 30 litres
  • For Planted Aquarium use only


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