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BOYU Nano Protein Skimmer | WG-310

Protein Skimmer for Marine Aquaria
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1 Protein Skimmers
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  • Protein Skimmer for NANO Marine Aquarium
  • For tanks up to 80 Litres (Best suitable for 50 liter tank)
  • Compact design
  • Easy to install and maintain



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BOYU Nano Protein Skimmer | WG-310

This internal aquarium fish tank protein skimmers are designed to be fully integrated saving on the space required for a medium sized protein skimmer with pump attachment. They can be used within your fish tank itself or in an external filtration system like a sump for example.

They are primarily designed for use with small marine nano aquariums and have built in venturi separation pumps. These pumps are manufactured to be safe with overheat auto shut off functions and also run on only 8w of power meaning the energy consumption used is very low.


  • Exit pipe sponge filtration
  • Detachable collection cup for easy cleaning
  • Low noise, high output

Flow rate: 80 - 120 Litres
For tanks up to 80 Litres (Best suitable for 50 liter tank)
Power: 8w
Voltage: 220- 240v
Dimensions: 117 x 85 x 290 mm

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