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BOYU Nitrate Processor | XQ-300

Filter Media Reactor
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  • Ideal solution for aiding in the removal / reduction of nitrates in aquarium
  • Bio Media & Pump Included
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Compact design



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BOYU Nitrate Processor

The XQ-300 Nitrate processor / removal system is an ideal solution for aiding in the removal / reduction of nitrates within your marine fish tank.

The XQ-300's 120 liters per hour motor draws water into the chamber and once full circulates the water within the filter. Circulating the same water in the chamber causing it to become anaerobic - where anaerobic microbial populations - organisms that live in the absence of oxygen - can establish themselves.

Anaerobic bacteria helps reduce the nitrates present in your tank because they gain their oxygen by reducing nitrate molecules and taking the oxygen atom from the nitrate molecule for respiration.

After a short period of time the water is dripped back into the fish tank (ideally in a high flow area).

Recommended XQ-300 setup and usage

  1. With the XQ-300 in place and the drip valve open, TURN ON (plug in) and run for 4-5 minutes (this will remove the air present in the system).
  2. Close the drip valve and leave the unit in place as is for about 2-3 days.
  3. After 2-3 days, open the valve to let the water drip at a rate of 1 drip per second (no more) - be careful not to open too quickly and let too much water out initially also.
  4. Test the nitrate of the water coming out of the drip rate adjuster. Some nitrate test kits may give you a false reading because the pH drops and affects their reading. Ensure you use a high quality accurate kit.

As long as the drip flow is correct this will reduce your nitrates - if the setup is incorrect (drip flow has been too fast / slow it is recommended to go back to 'STEP 2'.


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