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BOYU Fluidized Bed Filter | FT-312

Filter Media Reactor
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  • Fluidized bed filters provide biological filtration
  • Nitrifying bacteria colonies grow on the surface of the particles of sand
  • Process Ammonia & Nitrite into Nitrate as the water passes through the filter
  • Suitable for all types of aquaria



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BOYU Fluidized Bed Filter | FT-312

  • Easy installation: the sand biochemical filter can be hanged beside the aquarium, placed in the aquarium or installed in the cabinet under the aquarium.
  • Different kinds of filter media in the sand biochemical filter can be chosen according to different breeds of fish and different condition of treated water. e.g crystal sand filter media, ion exchange resin, other filter media, etc.
  • The crystal sand filter media can keep the quality of water stable, and it is suitable for common seawater, freshwater and float-grass aquarium: and the ion exchange resin can produce superior soft-water and it can be used in aquarium for breeding.
  • Various mating and assembly modes: It can be connected to the leaching pipe to increase the oxygen dissolved in water; In the big aquariums, several sand biochemical filters can be used with parallel connection to increase the filtration effect; The exterior UV sterilization lamps, cool/warm water machines and other fittings can be used in series with this product.


  • Please check carefully after installation. If any water-leakage or leak electricity is found, please fix it before putting into operation.
  • Do not use this product for other purpose except aquarium.
  • Do not expose this product under sunlight or low temperature for a long time.
  • Do not place this product in an environment where there is abrupt change of temperature.
  • Any supporting electrical appliances in the aquarium should be equipped with the earth leakage protection device, and periodically checked if the protection device is normal.

    Size - 14.3x9.5x29cm
    Flow - 400 L/H

Note: Requires of power head to run which is not included.


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Saturday 15th of July 2017
All fine as expected.

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