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TROPICAL BioRept W | 250ml - 75g

Multi-ingredient sticks for aquatic turtles
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1 Fish Food
2 Turtle Feeds
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  • Multi-ingredient sticks for everyday feeding of aquatic turtles
  • Carefully selected raw materials satisfies all nutritional needs
  • Enriched with gammarus pulex and krill
  • Guarantees proper development and excellent condition



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BIOREPT W multi-ingredient sticks for aquatic turtles. Multi-ingredient sticks for everyday feeding of aquatic turtles (including pond turtles). A special composition of carefully selected raw materials satisfies all tortoises' nutritional needs. It's worth emphasizing that the food has been enriched with gammarus pulex and krill, which are the source of valuable protein, Omega- 3 and Omega- 6 acids and chitin, regulating digestive processes. Due to its exceptional taste they are very eagerly eaten by the turtles. Properly balanced composition of minerals and the addition of vitamin D3 ensure proper shell and skeletal development, preventing deformations and other health problems. Regular use of BIOREPT W guarantees proper development and excellent condition.

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