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TROPICAL Red Parrot Granulat | 1000ml - 400g

Colour enhancing food for red parrots & cichlids
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1 Fish Food
2 Cichlid
3 Flower Horn
4 Freshwater
5 Pellet & Stick
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  • Contains Omega 3 & 6 which enhances immunity and keeps fish in excellent condition
  • Does not contaminate water and does not disintegrate in water
  • No risk of digestive disorders in case fish eat larger granules
  • A quality feed made in Poland



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 TROPICAL Red Parrot Granulat

RED PARROT GRANULAT colour-enhancing granules for red parrots. Colour-enhancing food in the form of floating granules for red parrots and Cichlidae fish, with high demand for carotenoids, which intensify their coloration. Visible coloration improvement is the effect of high content of natural astaxanthin (100 mg/kg), which is easily assimilated and accumulated in chromatophores. A considerable share of unsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 enhances the immunity and keeps fish in excellent condition. The granules do not disintegrate in water, retaining their structure for a long period of time. This way they do not contaminate it or release any valuable nutrients. The volume of the granules is only slightly increased when placed in the water, therefore there's no risk of digestive disorders in case fish eat larger helping.

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