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Aquascaping BONSAI Driftwood - Nature Aquarium Goods

Aquarium Hardscape Material
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  • Designed to create an all natural scene
  • Creates great visual impact
  • Add visual interest and focal point in aquascape
  • Made of natural wooden root



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Bonsai Driftwood

There is no denying the beauty of Bonsai Driftwood tree as a piece of art. Designed to create an all natural scene, our Bonsai Driftwood trees are excellent choices to create great visual impact. Be it decorating a mini aquascape or, making an ecosystem for your reptile, the stuff works great.

If you’re looking for something different to decorate your home or garden, our Bonsai Driftwood trees are worth a try. These pieces are perfect to add visual interest and focal point to areas that are frequently overlooked. Their shaping and dwarfing are accomplished through precise techniques.

Our eco-friendly, authentic Bonsai Driftwood pieces can lighten up any area and create a stunning natural feature that you can be sure will be unique. If you want to have a beautifully aquascaped aquarium with minimal effort and disturbance, we’ve selective Bonsai Driftwood trees that can be used as beautiful and safe addition to it.

By adding these Bonsai Driftwood to your fish tank, you not only purify and soften its water but also give it a replica of natural habitat. It improves water’s PH level and adds great value to fish tank setup. And, the branches are scattered around the trunk to give http your fish hiding places. Made of natural wooden root, our well-treated Bonsai Driftwood are ideal and safe choices for aquatic life. It means that you don’t have to compromise with the aquatic life of the inhabitants.

We stand behind every Bonsai Driftwood tree we sell and ensure that it will stand the test of time. Add a small Bonsai Driftwood tree to bring out the best aesthetic qualities of your fish tank!

    Real aquarium driftwood creates a unique look
    Decorative way to provide shelter for your freshwater tropical fish
    Unlike driftwood, will not rot

Packed in 25x15x14cm box.

Note: Given pictures is for reference purpose only. Actual color, shape and size may vary from each to another.

#Niranjan Reddy
Thursday 22nd of September 2016
The product quality is excellent and I just can't wait for the moss to grow on the branches.

Though, it would be nice to have pictures from all four side on the web site!!
#Mahesh Tonk
Monday 19th of September 2016
Awesome peace of beauty and is going to enhance the look and feel of my shrimp tank.
#Sandy Dcosta
Wednesday 24th of August 2016
Got a different wood than mentioned picture and to my surprise, the piece I received is way too good than the picture given. The piece sent is similar to the picture and even better looking in person. I used it to make a tree using Anubias Nana Petite and some Moss and it looks like a little tree with leaves. The item was very well packed and arrived perfectly. Very happy with this purchase and such a rare & unique product to get in India.

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