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TNA Glass CO2 ProDiffuser | 2cm

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1 CO2 Diffusers & Reactors
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  • With high-quality ceramic membrane
  • Suitable for planted aquarium of upto 40 liters
  • Hang on design, no need for suction cups
  • Visually very appealing



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TNA Glass CO2 ProDiffuser | 2cm

This mini Hang On Shape diffuser is perfect for nano aquascapes and tanks in which you want to inject CO2 without hindering tubing inside the tank. The high-performance ceramic membrane creates ultra-fine CO2 bubbles, which spread in the entire tank. The CO2 can thus be absorbed by the plants in the best way possible. These diffusers are made of glass and thus they are almost invisible in the aquascape/aquarium.

It is hand-crafted using only the highest quality, laboratory-grade, borosilicate glass for maximum strength, durability, and visual clarity.

    With high-quality ceramic membrane.
    Suitable for planted aquarium of upto 40 liters.
    With connection for commercially available 4/6mm CO2 tubing.
    No need for suction cups. The diffuser is only hung over the pool edge.
    Suitable with upto 6mm glass.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

    Prepare a 1:1 mixture of bleach and water.
    Soak the glass pipe in the mixture for 24 hours or longer depending on amount of algae grown.
    Rinse several times with clean running water before connecting back to the aquarium.

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