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TNA Plant Algae Scraper | 45cm

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1 Cleaning Appliances
2 Algae Removers
3 Planting Tools
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  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • The sharp blade frees the glass from algae effortlessly
  • Highly suitable for larger aquaria
  • Blades can be easily changed with shaving one



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TNA Plant Algae Scraper | 45cm

A very high quality glass cleaner, which has been specially designed for the planted aquarium. You can eliminate easily and conveniently stubborn algae deposits of the aquarium glass. This model has a length of 45 cm and therefore allows comfortable working in medium to very large, high tanks. The round handle ensures a secure hold and fatigue-free working.

Allow a pleasant and comfortable start of your aquascaping project. Of course these robust tools also help in the daily care of your scape. Made from high quality stainless steel and they also offer long-term good grip and a very good sharpness.

  Extension arm included
  The triangle scrapper has about 5cm length
  Effectively remove algae attached on glass surface
  Easily replaceble blade

Note: Only for glass aquarium. Do not use it on Acrylic or Plastic aquarium surface
Remarks: For safety purpose, keep away from children.

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