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CAL AQUA LABS Carbo-L | 500ml

Concentrated Aquarium Plant Fertilizer
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  • Concentrated source of bioavailable organic carbon
  • Helps control the presence of algae
  • Dispenser included



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CAL AQUA LABS Carbo-L | 500ml
Concentrated Aquarium Plant Fertilizer

Plants grow by converting carbon dioxide to plant tissue through a series of complex pathways and chemical reactions. Carbo-L is a concentrated source of bioavailable organic carbon that can be easily absorbed and readily used to generate new tissue for growth. Plants can use CARBO-L as an alternative carbon source to carbon dioxide, resulting in significant growth improvements in aquariums with or without CO2 supplementation. In addition, Carbo-L also helps control the presence of algae when used regularly. Recommend for use together with Chrome and Shine.

Begin using Carbo-L one week after setup of aquarium. For optimum results, use along with CO2 supplementation. To control algae and ensure constant plant growth, continuous use is recommended.


Add 1 ml to 50 liters of water daily, or 1 pump for 100L daily. In heavily planted tanks, dose can be increased to 2ml per 50 liters daily (1 pump for 50 liters daily). Higher doses are not recommended.

#Pratima Jhajharia
Saturday 2nd of September 2017
Easy to use and my recently planted plants are picking up and shaping up nicely.
#Partha Dutta
Sunday 11th of June 2017
#Romila Biswas
Tuesday 6th of June 2017
A very good source of organic carbon for planted aquarium. The dosing instructions are straight forward and very simple to use. Pocket friendly compared with other available brands if you go with dosing volume.
#Abhijit Halder
Friday 26th of May 2017
After using flourish excel for many years I switched over to this and it is giving similar result at less dosing and this what it makes Cal Carbo a better choice over excel. Just 1 pump to per 100 liter is something people can consider it for.
#Rishab Malhotra
Tuesday 23rd of May 2017
Friends, please don't get me wrong, a pressurized CO2 system is always the supreme addition to any high-tech planted tank.

CAL Carbo L will certainly surprise you with its ability to make your plants grow.

I've paired this product up with all CAL fertilizers (Chrome, Green, Red and Shine) together and it is amazing. I can see how fast my plants are growing with these 3 combos! I would say the rate of growth has at least doubled, maybe tripled. There is noticiable growth of most of my plants every single morning. Seems they work in sync to help your plants grow healthy, quickly and beautifully.

Also as mentioned, it is also great for limiting algae growth in your planted tank. I definitely consider this to be a must-have for your planted tank.

My tank has no trace of algae. Go for it guys, you won't be disappointed.

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