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CAL AQUA LABS Green | 500ml

Concentrated Aquarium Plant Fertilizer
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  • Concentrated mix of nitrogen, potassium, and trace elements
  • For high-light or densely-planted aquariums
  • Dispenser included



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CAL AQUA LABS Green | 500ml
Concentrated Aquarium Plant Fertilizer

GREEN is specially designed for heavily planted tanks where there is high demand for nutrients. GREEN contains a concentrated mix of nitrogen, potassium, and trace elements in a balanced ratio for lush, healthy plant growth. It is recommended for use in densely-planted aquariums, or planted aquariums with inert or old substrates.

Use GREEN to keep plants vivid green in high-light or densely-planted aquariums, or when plants show signs of pale or yellowing in older leaves.

Add 10 ml to 100 liters of water weekly, or 1 pump to 100 liters of water daily. Adding 1 ml GREEN to 100L increases nitrate by 1 ppm. Dosage may be increased in densely-planted aquarium as required. Reduce dosage if usage results in increased algae growth.

#Abhijit Halder
Friday 26th of May 2017
This one is such a awesome product for fast growing plants. My plants are growing like crazy. In just 2 weeks it has turned my aquarium into a jungle.
#Rishab Malhotra
Tuesday 23rd of May 2017
If you have a heavily planted aquarium with high-light demanding plants or are noticing nutrients deficiencies, use this everyday and see the difference in few days.

You'll be amazed by the results and will surely make this your favorite daily dosing plant fertilizer.

Enjoy watching your plants grow strong and healthy !!

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