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CAL AQUA LABS Red | 500ml

Concentrated Aquarium Plant Fertilizer
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  • Makes green plants vivid green
  • Enhances the redness in red plants
  • Concentrated solution of iron that is stabilized via multiple pathways
  • Dispenser included



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CAL AQUA LABS Red | 500ml
Concentrated Aquarium Plant Fertilizer

Red is designed to bring out vivid colors in plants. It makes green plants vivid green, and enhances the redness in red plants. Red contains a concentrated solution of iron that is stabilized via multiple pathways. This keeps the iron in solution longer and maximizes the time for absorption by plants. It is recommended for use in planted aquariums with intense lighting, or with fast growing stem plants.

Use Red when pale or yellowing of tips and younger leaves is observed. This is often observed under high-light or with fast growing stem plants. Red can also be used to intensify and maintain red and green colors in plants.

Add 10 ml to 100 liters of water weekly, or 1 pump to 100 liters of water daily. Dosage may be increased in high-light or densely-planted aquarium as required. Store in the dark or away from direct sunlight.

#Srikanth Arumilli
Monday 11th of September 2017
Order Review: Order placement is very easy and price is very decent when compared to other sellers. Shipment and delivery was very fast, kudos :)

Product Review: I still have to use the product to see the results on how my plants react in terms of growth and color development.

I will post another review if allowed after using the product.
#Romila Biswas
Tuesday 6th of June 2017
This is a very good source of iron for my planted aquarium. The dosing instructions are straight forward and very simple to use. Pocket friendly compared with other available brands if you go with dosing volume.
#Purnendu Guha
Sunday 4th of June 2017
Excellent quality and highly concentrated, Turned my red stems into vivid RED !!
#Rishab Malhotra
Tuesday 23rd of May 2017
If you have any plants that are naturally red in color, this product definitely boost the vivid-ness of the color.

My crypts; wenditii brown turned to deep dark redish brown and is now looking absolutely fantastic.

Unlike, all other plant fertilizers available in the Indian market, this one, infact all Cal Aqua Labs fertilizers are the most concentrated among others and turns out to be super cheap in long term. Just 1 pump for 100 liter is awesome!!

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