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CAL Black Earth Premium Soil | 9L Normal

Specialized substrate for aquatic plants
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2 Plant Substrate
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  • Highly-advanced, highly-fertile substrate that does not leach ammonia
  • Made from natural fertile soil rich in humic acids
  • Water remains clear starting from the moment the aquarium is filled
  • Natural granules that extend substrate lifetime



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CAL Black Earth Premium Soil | 9L
Specialized substrate for aquatic plants

CAL AQUA LABS’ developed Black Earth Premium from the ground up and is the result of years of cumulative research and testing. The end result is a highly-advanced, highly-fertile substrate that does not leach harmful ammonia into the water column.

Special characteristics of Black Earth Premium:

1) Highly fertile
Black Earth Premium is formulated for maximum fertility. Made from natural fertile soil rich in humic acids, it contains a large amount of essential plant nutrients such as Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorous, and trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and manganese.

2) Super clean
The first thing users will notice about Black Earth Premium is how clean it is right out-of-the-bag. Unlike other substrates where dust and debris are a common part, our substrate is specially manufactured to contain as little foreign materials as possible. As a result, water remains clear starting from the moment the aquarium is filled. Check out the short video below to see how clean Black Earth Premium substrate is.

3) Harder granules = Longer substrate lifetime
CAL AQUA LABS developed an advanced process for the production of Black Earth Premium that results in virtually dry granules that are much harder than other substrates while maintaining maximum fertility. Because of this, they suffer significantly less breakage during transportation and setup, resulting in prolonged lifetime of the substrate.

4) Maximum fertility when you need it
Black Earth Premium is supplied virtually dry right out-of-the bag. Due to the lack of moisture, organic nutrients within the soil are preserved at their maximum level until use. Dried granules are also much easier and more pleasant to handle as they will not stick to your hands or fingers.

5) Creates slightly acidic water conditions
Black Earth Premium is made from natural, highly-fertile earth which is rich in humic and fulvic acids. As a result, it creates slightly acidic water conditions which is optimal for keeping aquatic plants and most freshwater fish.

Use directions
   1. DO NOT wash or rinse before use. Pour Black Earth directly onto the bottom of the aquarium. The substrate layer should be at least 1-2 inches thick to allow plant roots to fully grow

   2. Place and arrange decorative rocks and driftwood

   3. Carefully add water. To fill the aquarium with water, first place a large plastic bag or newspaper on the soil surface to prevent water from impacting and stirring up the substrate. Slowly add water and take care not to disturb the substrate layer. Planting can be easily done when water is slightly above the substrate level.

   4. Install proper filtration equipment and allow the tank to equilibrate. Make sure the filter outflow does not point directly at the soil to avoid distrubing the substrate layer.

For freshwater aquarium use only. Keep away from children.
Store unused soil in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture.

#Atul Gill
Saturday 9th of September 2017
Perfect soil for planted aquarium.
#Sumit Nandi
Thursday 7th of September 2017
Just loved the product. Awesome plant growth in just 2 weeks.
#Pratima Jhajharia
Saturday 2nd of September 2017
This substrate works well as advertised. The water clears quickly and plants grow nicely. Easy to plant even with tanks full.
#Ramesh Thampi
Monday 28th of August 2017
Best product on the market. Worth the money and the setup time. You'll see immediate results in plant growth.
#Dhananjay Kumar
Tuesday 8th of August 2017
Has been working wonders on my plants. I bought 5 bags for my 4 footer and i dont regret it.
#Sawan Rana
Monday 3rd of July 2017
Works as advertised.
#Tirujit Sen
Tuesday 20th of June 2017
5 star
#Nagendra Sharma
Monday 5th of June 2017
Great Product! Fast delivery! Works as advertised!
#Philip J
Thursday 25th of May 2017
I have always used ADA Amazonia past 5 years, but tried this Black Earth Soil 1st time time and this is going to be one of the most popular substrate once die hard aquarium plant enthusiast gets to know its availability here in India.

Water is so clear from the day 1
Plants growing so great
No ammonia spike

I love this product over ADA's Amazonia !!
#Anandraj Jaipuria
Wednesday 24th of May 2017
This product seems to be doing what I bought it for.

I used it without any of the other recommended products underneath and to my surprise, all of my plants are growing like crazy without any special additives.

Thank you Gautam for bringing such a good product in India.

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