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CAL AQUA LABS Substrex | 200ml

Substrate Nutrition and Clarifier
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  • Improves water quality and clarity
  • Provides long-term nutrients for plant growth
  • Prolongs substrate lifetime
  • Reduces long-term maintenance



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Substrate Nutrition and Clarifier

SUBSTREX is a novel double-action substrate additive that provides long-term nutrients to the substrate and reduces clouding ofthe water caused by agitation of substrate dust und debris during planting and maintenance.

As planted aquariums age, substrates undergo two noticable changes. First, available nutrients within the substrate becomedepleted by growing plants. If this is left untreated, it will lead to slow, unhealthy plant growth. Second, debris fromplants and inhabitants as well as dust from substrate particles often collect inside the substrate layer. If the substratelayer is disturbed either through planting, uprooting plants, or simply during routine maintenance, it can lead to prolongedclouding of the water.

SUBSTREX was developed to specially adress these two points. It builds up the fertility of the substrate system and enriches thesubstrate with slow-release nutrients. Made from novel gel-coated activated carbon, it forms a diffused gel matrix that readilybinds to nutrients, dust particles of soil, fish waste, and debris creating stabilized structures that quickly settle - reducingtheir ability to cloud the water. As the tank matures, the nutrients slowly become available and keep the substrate fertile forlong-term growth.

    Improve water quality and clarity
    Provide long-term nutrients for plant growth
    Prolong substrate lifetime
    Reduce long-term maintenance

Spread 1 leveled spoonful (spoon provided) evenly on top of Green Base XR or on bottom of aquarium for every 1 ft (30 cm x 30 cm) area. Cover evenly with substrate. Use only as directed. Safe for fish and shrimps.

#Nagendra Sharma
Monday 5th of June 2017
Great Product! Fast delivery! Works as advertised!

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