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FERKA AquaBase | 250g

Inert based plant substrate
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1 Plant Substrate
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  • Natural material and is ideal for setting up a planted aquarium
  • Builds up the excellent nutritional environment for planted tank
  • Stimulates bacterial colonizing
  • Suitable for 36x18x18



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FERKA AquaBase
Aquabase is a natural material, just the right mix for setting up a planted aquarium

It builds up the excellent nutritional environment for your tank substrate, and makes it easy for aquatic plants to adapt when they are initially transplanted. In additional, its gradual decomposition will maintain the ideal condition for a long lasting period (the application of Aquabase along with other Ferka products will provide the substrate long-term nutrition richness).

Aquabase material is 95-97% natural by weight. It holds a slightly acid condition between 6.7-6.9 pH, concerning with the water quality. Aquabase supports and also stimulates bacterial colonizing, which plays an important role in the ecology system of planted aquariums, therefore, will suppress the arising of algae which usually occurs in the initial stage.

Direction and Dosage:
Mix Aquabase with 50% of the total gravel you use (the gravel should be moist to reduce the diffusion of Aquabase powder), then cover up with another half of well-washed gravel and gently fill up the water to avoid scattering the substrate. Two days after the planting, change 50% of the water, and after a week change another 30%. The 250g pack is sufficient to treat a 200 litre capacity tank. If extra nutrition treatments are required, the usage rate could be increased to 750g per 200 litre tank.

Product content: 250g

Do not fertilize the tank for 4 weeks immediately after set up. Start dosing the tank with Aquatilizer at half dose at 5th week then follows up with full dose.

#Ankit Mittal
Monday 12th of December 2016
Great result from using this product. Plants grow really very well.

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