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BORNEO WILD Substrate Additive 1 - Balance

Planted Aquarium Substrate Additive 1
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  • Substrate additive for healthy tank
  • Containing Tourmaline and more than 60 types of trace elements
  • Improves the substrate environment
  • Promotes beneficial bacteria activities and mineralizes the substrate



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BORNEO WILD Substrate System - Balance
Planted Aquarium Substrate Additive 1

Balance is a substrate additive containing Tourmaline and more then 60 other types of trace elements and compounds. It improves the substrate environment, promotes beneficial bacteria activities and at the same time mineralizes the substrate.

When added to the water directly, Balance replenishes minerals and trace elements and is also capable for removing nitrogen compounds, glycerine, organic carbon, free radicals and heavy metals. It also improves health and growth rate of organism.

Size: 100g

#Anand Sharma
Wednesday 29th of March 2017
Writing the product review after using and testing it since August 2016 and I must say its is a very good substrate additive at very economical price when compared with ADA as I can see the difference in my aquarium where I have used these 3 additives of BW together.

Outstanding growth
Outstanding clarity
Outstanding product

Thank you Gautam for recommending this awesome product.

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