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BORNEO WILD Substrate Additive 2 - Boost P

Planted Aquarium Substrate Additive 2
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1 Plant Additives & Supplements
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  • Substrate supplement for healthy tank
  • Contains immediate and slow release nutrients
  • Aids in making nutrients available to the plants
  • Recommended for densely planted tanks with rosette and stem plants



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BORNEO WILD Substrate System - Boost P
Planted Aquarium Substrate Additive 2

Boost P is a substrate supplement containing different kinds of immediate and and slow release macro nutrients that stimulate plant growth, ensure proper balance and improves nutrient uptake.

Size: 135ml

#Anand Sharma
Wednesday 29th of March 2017
Writing the product review after using and testing it since August 2016 and I must say its is a very good substrate additive at very economical price when compared with ADA as I can see the difference in my aquarium where I have used these 3 additives of BW together.

Outstanding growth
Outstanding clarity
Outstanding product

Thank you Gautam for recommending this awesome product.

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