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JBL Novo Bits | 250ml

A premium quality food for Discus fish
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1 Fish Food
2 Cichlid
3 Discus
4 Freshwater
5 Granular
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  • High-grade astaxanthin and carotenoids ehances color
  • Does not discolour or stain the water
  • With natural vitamin E and stabilised vitamin C



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JBL NovoBits
Slowly sinking staple food, rich in nutrients and easily digested which has been specifically developed to meet the particular nutritional requirements of Discus and other fastidious aquarium fish, like smaller cichilds. The shape of Novo Bits matches the natural feeding habits of Discus.

A specially balanced and carefully developed combination of ingredients containing proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and fibres promotes excellent growth. Valuable carotinoids as well as vital vitamins including stabilized Vitamin C ensure excellent coloration and promote the health of your fish.

  • Enhances the colouration of the fish through high-grade astaxanthin and carotenoids.
  • Does not discolour or stain the water.
  • The food container is freshness sealed under the dispensing lid.
  • Phosphate contents precisely balanced for reduced algae growth and optimum fish growth.
  • With natural vitamin E and stabilised vitamin C.


  • Crude Protein: 46%
  • Crude Fat: 6%
  • Crude Fibre: 3%
  • Crude Ash: 10%
#Ruchi Dutta
Sunday 5th of March 2017
My fishes love this food very much and their body shape is getting good and they are throwing good colors.
#Raja Chowdhary
Wednesday 8th of February 2017
Original product and price is lowest.
#Prashant P
Monday 12th of December 2016
My discus love it. They had their natural growth and color in a month feeding. Good alternate for frozen and live feed.

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