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AQUARIUM SYSTEMS A La Carte - Reef Mist | 30g

Premium PLANKTON Mix for Corals
Category/Categories :
1 Fish Food
2 Marine
3 Saltwater Corals & Invertebrates
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  • Contains micro & macro algae, phyto & zooplankton
  • Replicates natural grazing habits
  • Made in France



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AQUARIUM SYSTEMS A La Carte - Reef Mist | Plancton
Replicates natural grazing habits. Great treat food.
Food for filter feeding invertebrates and a great supplement to enrich the nutritional value of dried and frozen fish foods, or live Artemia.

ReefMist is a Planktonic Food designed for – Soft and stony corals and coral dwelling reef fishes – Anemones and their hosts: clown fishes, crabs and shrimps – Invertebrates: feather duster, fan worms, clams, sponges, copepodes, rotifers, artemia to list a few plus many more of the 1000′s of other invertebrates. The food is based on natural ingredients containing micro & macro-algae, phyto & zooplankton, yeast. “A la Carte” ReefMist contains all essential elements in vitamins, minerals and trace elements for a balanced, healthy and harmonious development of the population in your Aquarium. “A la Carte” ReefMits activates also the nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria’s.

Protein 40% | Fat 10% | Fiber 12% | Moisture 6%

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