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AZOO Skim 250

Water Surface Skimmer
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1 Filter Accessories
2 Internal Power Filters
3 Surface Skimmer
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  • Removes oil film from surface effectively
  • Suitable for 10 to 250 litre tanks
  • Also suitable as a filter for small aquariums
  • Inlet float automatically adapts to water level



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AZOO Skim 250

A small and powerful aquarium surfaces skimmer for freshwater and saltwater aquariums from 10 to 250 liters.

The AZOO Skim 250 is suitable as filter for small aquariums and effectively removes the oil film of the water surface, thus increasing the exchange of oxygen with lower CO2 loss compared to conventional small filters. To get a healthy environment for plants and animals in your aquarium.


  • The mobile inlet float automatically adjusts to the water level and ensures a constantly clean water surface.
  • Safe for fish because of special filter inlet.
  • Flow rate can be adapted to the aquarium.
  • The transparent casing allows to check easily whether the filter needs to be cleaned.
  • Suitable as a filter for small aquariums.
  • 250 l/h flow rate
#Ashish Shukla
Wednesday 12th of April 2017
I just received my AZOO Skim 250 last night and installed it right away. I have a 50 gal Planted Aquarium and it had a heavy oil with a lot of dust particles on the surface of the water. As soon as I installed the AZOO Skimmer, within 15-20 minutes I had a crystal clear surface. All of the surface oil and dust was gone. AWESOME Product and very good looking design.

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