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WILD Plant Amino Acid | 30ml

Aquatic Plant Supplement
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1 Plant Fertilizers
2 Plant Additives & Supplements
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  • Contains 18 essential amino acids for plant health and growth
  • Short chain peptides and vitamins for aquatic plants
  • A must have product for every aquatic plant hobbyst



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WILD Plant Amino Acid

Contains 18 essential amino acids. Short chain peptides and vitamins for aquatic plants.

Effects on Aquatic Plants:
    Argenin is a important growth promoter as bio-stimulator.
    Aspartic acid and Glutamic acid helps nitrogen assimilation in plants.
    Cysteine, Methionine and Glycine and helpful to increase the resistant against plant leaves deterioration.
    Glycine is essential for chlorophyll synthesis.
    Proline is essiential to improve cell wall strength which is essential during pruning of plants.

    1 drop for 10 liters | 4 drops for 10 gallons.
    20 drops is equal to 1ml.
    Use this product soon after the water change and is made for freshwater aquarium use only.

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