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WILD Green Power | 30ml

Aquatic Plant Supplement
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1 Plant Fertilizers
2 Plant Additives & Supplements
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  • Contains natural hormones and essential elements
  • Keeps plant healthy and boost plant growth after trimming
  • Stabilize the stress of newly trimmed plants
  • Use in combination with WILD Plant Amino Acid for best result



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WILD Green Power

Green Power contains natural hormones and essential elements for the health and growth of the plant. Due to trimming and pruning of plants, in the cut plant tissue part may get decayed or damaged.

Green Power powered by special hormone cytokinin to avoid the stress of newly trimmed plants. The combined formula with other raw materials, Green Power makes the plant more resistance, stress reliever and induce new stems and branches.

    1 drop for 10 liters | 4 drops for 10 gallons.
    20 drops is equal to 1ml.
    During trimming or plant stress like removing or replanting.
    Also dose after partial water change.

Green Power is exclusive to be use with aquatic plants only.
Recommended to be use in conjunction with WILD Plant Amino Acid but can be used alone also.

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