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AQUATIC REMEDIES Paracidol - Freshwater | 250ml

Aquarium Medicine - Saves Fish Life
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  • Broad spectrum anti parasitic copper based remedy
  • Successfully tested against Koi & Goldfish sleeping syndrome
  • Works well with all other external parasites



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AQUATIC REMEDIES Paracidol – Freshwater
A broad spectrum anti parasitic copper based remedy for fresh water fish, effective against external free- swimming parasites such as Lernea sp (anchor worm), argulus sp (Fish lice), Ichthyophthiruius multifillis (White spot / Ich), Gill flukes, Costia, cloudy eye and other disease causing external parasites.

Paracidol FW successfully tested against koi sleeping syndrome and all other external parasites.

One remedy for
    Koi sleeping disease
    White spot (Ich)
    Anchor worm
    Fish Lice
    Gill Flukes
    Costia parasite
    Arowana Parasites
    Flowerhorn diseases
    Discus Discoloration
    Discus External Parasites
    Gold fish Parasites and other external parasites

Dosage: 10 ml / 100 liter.
Note: To be used in Freshwater systems only and not to be used with invertebrates and scaleless fish.

#Ruchi Dutta
Thursday 12th of January 2017
This a good product. Any trace of an infection will vanish within 3-4 days if treated as soon as you notice it. Also, this helps to get rid of snails in the tank as it contains copper!

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