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AQUATIC REMEDIES Aquaria Clear | 100ml

Aquarium Water Clarifier
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1 Water Conditioners
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  • Keeps your aquarium water clear
  • Enables aquarium water to clear almost immediately
  • Not harmful to fish and aquarium plants



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Aquaria Clear - A special formula that all turbidity in freashwater aquariums and ponds. It helps with the prevention of algae and the aquarium water crystal clear. Not harmful to fish and aquarium plants. A slight blue color shading will appear.

    Controls and removes algae (non planted tank) and keeps your aquarium water clear. Enables aquarium water to clear almost immediately.
    Excellent Result - Quality Product - Must Use

Dosage: 10ml treats 400 litre
Keep out of reach of children assistance immediately if over dose. Store at a room in cold place.


#Ramesh Naidu
Saturday 7th of October 2017
Superb product AQUARIA CLEAR... gives instant water clarity....and once again as usual remarkable packing and service speed by Aquariums India. I personally feel no other online store provides this speed along with the most important of all..... ORIGINAL PRODUCTS...

#Deepak Sharma
Friday 26th of May 2017
Clears turbidity in less then 30 min. Made in India product on par with imported item.
#Ruchi Dutta
Tuesday 18th of April 2017
Works well, no harmful side effects to the biofilter. Decent product.

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