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AQUARIUM SYSTEMS A La Carte - Omnivore Diet | 30g

Premium diet for Omniovore Marine Fish
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1 Fish Food
2 Granular
3 Marine
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  • Complete granulated diet that contains all the nutritional elements
  • Replicates natural grazing habits
  • Made in France



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AQUARIUM SYSTEMS A La Carte - Omnivore Diet
Replicates natural grazing habits. Great treat food.
Acanthurus leucosternon, Cetoscarus bicolor, Pygopolites diacanthus, Acnthurus lineatus, Zanclus cornutus, Chaetodon semilarvatus

Omnivore Diet is a nutritious, complete granulated diet that contains all the nutritional elements required by marine species. “A la Carte” Omnivore Diet has an attractive red color that stimulates marine fish to eat. This diet is rich in tasty proteins, with a well balanced amino acid profile which will promote a healthy growth. It contains also sufficient, essential, omega-3 fatty acids to fulfill the demand of marine fishes. Omnivore Diet contains a rich mix of multivitamins with a high level of stable vitamin C. This will keep the fish in excellent condition and improve their disease resistance. Part of the granules will sink, with different velocities, while the other part floats on the surface for a while. In this way the fish in all water layers have easy access to their food.

Protein 55% | Fat 14% | Fiber 0.4% | Moisture 11.1%

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