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GENE ELEVEN Bottom Feeder Tablets | 30g

Sinking tablet food for bottom beeders
Category/Categories :
1 Fish Food
2 Bottom Feeders & Catfish
3 Freshwater
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  • Balanced nutrition for daily feeding of bottom-feeding fish
  • Sinks quickly
  • Enriched with vitamins and minerals



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GENE ELEVEN Bottom Feeder Tablets
Bottom Feeder Tablet made of special fish meal from peru & chile.

Affixed with advance nutritive raw materials specially formulated to the maximum reliability and well being for the bottom feeding fish like corydoras, shrimps, cray fish, lobster, plecos and loaches.

#Jyotirmoy Sen
Thursday 12th of October 2017
As usual this Bottom Feeder Tablets by Aquatic Remedies seems to be very palatable because my Catfishes are waiting for this food.
#Saran Gopalakrishnan
Saturday 17th of September 2016
This is an excellent feed for your Cory's, loaches and plecos. Sinks right away and has very minimum to nil water clouding. Definitely the best staple feed for the bottom feeders.

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