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VENUS AQUA Air Pump | Single Outlet

Single nozzel air pump
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  • Compact design
  • Quite and durable
  • Single nozzel outlet



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An air pump is not a necessity for your aquarium but this peripheral can add a lot of value to almost any aquarium. The VENUS AQUA aquarium air pump assists to increase the level of oxygen in your water tank and maintains optimal quality of water.

This VENUS AQUA air pump is silent and does not make much noise when working. It can be connected with almost any air pipe that will facilitate the generation of more oxygen into your aquarium. The air pump will help to release oxygen into water. This process is extremely beneficial for your aquarium fish as it helps to get rid of the impure gases as well. The circulation of water can be achieved by a good filter as well but an air pump will enhance the result drastically. It does not end here you can attach the air pump with various ornamental decorations in your aquarium to increase its aesthetic appeal.

    Aquarium Air Pump
    Quite and Durable
    Single Outlet

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