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SUNSUN External Canister Filter | HW-302 | 1000 L/H

External Canister Filter
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1 External Canister Filters
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  • Good for up to 250 liter
  • Suitable for freshwater and marine water
  • Flow rate: 1000 L/H



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SUNSUN External Canister Filter | HW-302A
Quiet running, the latest generation in filter technology.

SUNSUN HW-302 3 stage external canister filter is ideal for tanks up to 250 liter aquarium syetem. The SunSun HW-302 includes filter pads, hoses and all the parts you need to get started. The three flexible media trays allow you to add other filtration media such as activated carbons, ceramic rings or bio-balls (additional can be purchase in separate listing) to achieve excellent mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration. The HW-302 canister filter also has a convenient self-priming pump that eliminates the need for manual siphoning.

Media trays capable of handling your choice of filtration media Capable of mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration. Easy installation, no messy assembly Includes filter pads, hoses and all parts to get started.

    Good for up to 250 liter
    Dimension: 9" L X 9" W X 15.5" H
    Flow rate: 1000 L/H
    Pump Power: 18w
    Suitable for freshwater and marine

#Sumeet Shah
Friday 31st of August 2018
Wonderful experience shopping here. The product was nicely packed and delivered promptly.

About this product: I put it in a 100 liter tank half filled with no gravel. I have a turtle which creates a real mess very quickly. So much so that water use to stink in only a few days. After putting this filter to work, I don't even have to change water even for two weeks. But I do rinse the filter trays twice a month now just to keep the filter in a good condition. Also, I suggest to add ceremic rings and bio balls with activated carbon to keep good bacterias alive.

The filter came with everything required to get started. Though I suggest to buy additional foam media to go with it.

Nice product and service.

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