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JEBAO Propeller Pump | RW-8

8000 L/H Wave Maker with Controller
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  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Suitable for upto 4 feet aquarium
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Intelligent control system to generate various wave patterns to suit your tank



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JEBAO Propeller Pump
The new RW pump is a more advanced pump with greater control than previous models, and wireless master/slave functionality.

This compact pump is attached to the aquarium wall with magnets, making it very easy to hide. The pump includes a controller that can link with up to 8 other RW pumps wirelessly, and has several wave functions. The RW pumps can go down as low as 10% power, or as high as 100% power. Each slave pump’s output can be adjusted individually, while the master pump controls the wave function.

    8 Different Flow Rates.
    Quiet Operation.
    Wireless Controller - if 2 RW pumps are used, controllers can "sync" wirelessly, to enable the RW pumps to run "in sync" or "anti - sync".
    Easy installation and maintenance.
    Magnetic bracket.
    Night sensor - automatically detects when tank lights go out and slows the pump.
    One-touch feed mode - slows pump for a period of 10 minutes.
    High performance, powerful, water flow combined with low energy consumption.
    Ceramic shaft for long life and durability.
    Intelligent control system to generate various wave patterns to suit your tank.
    Extra-long cable for ease and comfort of placement, even on larger tanks.
    Low voltage, safe, reliable UK power supply.
    Can be used in a variety of aquarium sizes. Suitable for aquariums with glass up to 15mm thickness.
    Latest 2015 Models.

*Twin Pump Features:
    With these RW pumps they have a "wireless" controller. The wireless function only comes into play when 2 or more pumps are used together. When you have 2 pumps you can wireless "sync" the controllers so the the pumps with run in sync (all together) or anti sync (alternate). This essentially performs exactly the same function as the twin controller.
    Controls any pair of RW series of pumps RW4, RW8, RW15 or RW20.
    The twin controller option eliminates the need for each RW pump to have its own power supply and controller.
    Flow control for each mode - from 15% to 100% in 8 steps.
    Each pump can be set to a different flow rate.
    Ability to run pumps in sync or anti sync.
    Ability to adjust wave duration for each pump.
    Suitable for any single RW pump.
    Suitable for any combination of RW pumps up to 2 x RW20.
    Night mode - in built light sensor reduces flow to half maximum when darkness detected.

    JEBAO RW Circulation Pump.
    JEBAO RW Single Controller.
    Power Adapter.

Dimensions (mm):
    RW-8 = 66(W) x 103(L)

Models available:
    RW-8 Flow rate adjustable from 700 - 8000 litres per hour - 23w

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