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AZOO Ferti Stick | 10pcs

Fertilizer Root Sticks for Plants
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  • Contains concentrated nutrients of main, minor and trace elements
  • Supplies continuous slow release of nutrients
  • Meets the need for aquatic plants healthier growth
  • Enhances the plants color



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AZOO Ferti Stick
Suitable for aquatic plants aquariums

Manufactured with latest technology, the ferti-stick contains concentrated nutrients of main, minor and trace elements.
Continuous slow release of nutrients that meets the need for aquatic plant’s healthier growth and enhances the plant’s color.
Last for 2-3 months; apply according to the plant species and growth conditions.

    Apply by unit of aquatic plant, place one ferti-stick close to the root of plants.
    When the ferti-stick is placed deeper to the bottom of the root, the effects will last longer. The ferti-sticks have to be completely submersible into the substrate to avoid algae growth arising.
    Add or refill every 2 to 3 months according to aquatic plants grown conditions.

Store in dry place. Keep away from children and pets. Not for human consumption. Only for aquarium and aquatic plants use.

#Sumit Kumar
Wednesday 9th of August 2017
Works wonder for planted tanks. Just insert the sticks completely in soil near the plants and observe the difference in health and color in a week. A must have!
#Rishab Malhotra
Monday 17th of April 2017
A fantastic product. Noticeable difference in growth and plant vitality when added to an established layout particularly where heavy root feeding plants are used such as Echinodorus and Crypts species.

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