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AZOO Red Advan | 120ml

Aquarium Plant Fertilizer
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1 Plant Fertilizers
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  • Mixture of anthocyanins activator to strengthen and deepen colors
  • Specially developed for Red Aquatic Plants
  • Improves plant growth



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AZOO Red Advan

AZOO "NatureGro" RED ADVAN consists of a mixture of anthocyanins activator to strengthen and deepen colors, as well as improving plant growth. RED ADVAN deepens and highlights the colors red, purple, orange and magenta. RED ADVAN growth difference between the rich greens and shades of red and makes the aquarium look amazing! For beautiful, deep colors of aquatic plants, this has never been so easy. Now every aquatic hobbyist, amateur or professional, can have a beautiful aquarium with lush colorful plants without the advanced and complex knowledge of the subject.

#Rishab Malhotra
Monday 17th of April 2017
This fertilizer is great for planted tanks. It makes your plants flourish very well. It makes my red plants very bright and vivid red. I use this in conjunction with AZOO Plant Premium and AZOO Carbon Plus and the result is awesome! Great product!

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