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STORI Organic Spirulina | 30g

Color enhancing fish food supplement
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3 Bottom Feeders & Catfish
4 Cichlid
5 Discus
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18 Pond
19 Saltwater Corals & Invertebrates
20 Small Micro Feeds
21 Garden & Pond Supplies
22 Pond Food
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  • Natural color enhancer
  • Cultivated by state-of-the-art green technology
  • Contain high amount of phycocyanin for blue metallic sheen
  • High amount of carotenoids for red, orange and yellow pigments



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STORI Organic Spirulina
Organic Spirulina is manufactured using pure vegetarian organic nutrients which are “certified Organic”. Unlike regular Spirulina, no synthetic chemicals, fertilizers or trace minerals are allowed under strict quality standards, for cultivation of Organic Spirulina, and also no any additional trace minerals like Iron added during this cultivation process.

Natural color enhancer coating compound for all types of freshwater fish. ORGANIC SPIRULINA is something different than the regular spirulina, the algae cultivated by state-of-the-art green technology, with only natural and organic manure. No synthetic manure used to cultivate this spirulina.. The special batch of this powder, contain high amount of phycocyanin (responsible for blue metallic sheen) and also high amount of compounded carotenoids (for red, orange and yellow pigments).

How to use it?

  • Take a gram of powder and add few drops of water so that it become like gel phase.
  • Take required amount of feed to be coated without waste or in short.
  • Take feed in a container and pour the gel stage liquefied spirulina close the lid and shake well to get the the spirulina to get coated.
  • Fan dry the feed for half day and use it (maximum shelf life of this coated feed is 7 days). 

As it is all set to have organic compound you shall assure your fish long life without compromising color naturally.
Go natural ! go safe! longer life!

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