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Dry REEF Rocks | 5kg Pack

Natural aquascaping rocks for marine aquarium
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  • Safe for all marine fish and reef aquarium systems
  • Easily stackable to create one-of-a-kind aquascapes
  • Does not leach undesirable contaminants



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Dry REEF Rocks

  • Dry REEF Rocks are 100% natural calcium carbonate limestone structured aragonite dry rock.
  • Safe for all marine fish and reef aquarium systems.
  • Guaranteed not to introduce undesirable hitchhikers, like algae and aiptasia or any unwanted organism.
  • Will not leach undesirable contaminants or affect the aquarium nitrogen cycle.
  • Harvested on land in a Florida rock quarry so no damage comes to natural coral reefs.
  • Less expensive compared with quality live rock and more environmentally friendly.
  • You get more volume per kg than live rock as it comes in dry condition so less is required to aquascape your aquarium.
  • Natural pores aid in biological filtration, water circulation and provide hiding places for fish and invertebrate.
  • Easily stackable to create one-of-a-kind aquascapes that feature pillars, shelves, overhangs and caves.
  • The nooks and crannies in each rock make it easy to mount your favorite coral frags.

To seed your aquarium with beneficial bacteria, just place a separate piece of quality live rock in your tank along with FishCave Dry Reef Rock or use a bacterial supplement to kick-start the cycling process. Soon your rock will be alive containing coralline and macro algae on the surface if seeded with a few quality Live Rock or Coralline Algae.

Note: Given pictures is for reference purpose only. Actual color, shape and size may vary from each to another because the nature of the product is 100% natural (not man made).


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