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RYUOH Stone | 5kg pack

Natural aquascaping rocks for planted aquariums
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1 Hardscape Materials
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  • Highly jointed surface
  • Grey colors
  • Perfect for Aquascaping
  • Raises water hardness slightly



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RYUOH Stones

RYUOH Stones have a variety of appearance due to the white line and wrinkles. Their forms are suitable for an iwagumi layout which evokes a reef. For making such layout, an important point is to pay attention to the ridge line and the continuity of stones. It has distinctive characteristics just like ones of the Seiryu Stone, sharp and sheer edges and fair grayish-blue color. You will enjoy the dynamism of the aquascape created with the Ryuoh stones.

Note: Given pictures is for reference purpose only. Actual color, shape and size may vary from each to another because the nature of the product is 100% natural (not man made).

#Ganesh Prathik
Friday 26th of October 2018
I've purchased about 40kgs of Ryuoh Stone and I must admit that the rocks had a good amount of texture and white lines which are essential to Iwagumi style of aquascaping. Happy with the purchase, more to follow soon!
#Dipan Biswas
Monday 30th of July 2018
Very good product. Stones delivered were of good shape and texture. Would like to shop again.
#Satish Kumar
Friday 11th of May 2018
This rock is just awesome...its texture and wrinkles adds more natural and realistic look to your tank and shipping is also fast.

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