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JBL Florapol | 350g

Planted Aquarium Substrate
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1 Plant Substrate
2 Plant Additives & Supplements
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  • Contains all the essential plant nutrients such as iron
  • Absorbs surplus nutrients and releases as required
  • Effective for minimum 3 years
  • Does not contain the algae nutrients phosphate and nitrate



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JBL Florapol
JBL Florapol is a ground fertilizer concentrate for aquarium plants. JBL Florapol consists of a clay which contains a large amount of iron in a form which does not dissolve in water and also include vital trace elements. This avoids unnecessarily high concentrations of iron in the water at the beginning, whilst also preventing the growth of unwanted algae. However, the plant roots are able to absorb iron at any time due to a special mechanism. With ist particularly high absorption capacity, the clay, a natural ion exchanger, is able to bind nutrients. The absorbed nutrients are released when there is a lack of nutrients and absorbed when there is an excess supply, ensuring that the right amount of nutrients is always available to the plants.

The clay in JBL Florapol will absorb and release nutrients for a period of at least 3 years. After this time new clay material can be added in the form of JBL The 7 Balls to refresh the substrate.

350g JBL Florapol are sufficient for Aquaria from 50 - 80cm tank.


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