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AV Pro Tropical Pellets | 50g

Staple diet for all freshwater fishes
Category/Categories :
1 Fish Food
2 Freshwater
3 Pellet & Stick
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  • Balanced formulation helps support immune system
  • Promotes health, growth & enhance color
  • Special immune substances added



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AQUATIC VENTUREZ Pro Tropical Pellets
staple diet for all types of fishes

This food has been designed to suit the occupants of classic community tanks. With multiple different ingredients this floating pellet food are highly acceptable to fish of various sizes.

Feeding Instructions
2-3 times daily as much as the fish can eat within 2 minutes. Please remove the left-over feed immediately.

Nutritional composition

Crude Protein: 44% | Crude Fat: 5% | Crude Fiber: 6% | Moisture: 7%

Keep the packet away from direct sunlight.
Keep in a cool and dry place.
Not for human consumption.


#Bullu Dutta
Tuesday 24th of July 2018
#Harish Jena
Sunday 22nd of July 2018
Nice product. I have gourami, silver sharks and angel fish and all love to eat this pellet. I am happy as my fishes are happy nd healthy.

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