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AV Pro Bottom Wafers | 30g

Food for bottom feeding fishes
Category/Categories :
1 Fish Food
2 Bottom Feeders & Catfish
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  • Special immune substances added
  • For all bottom feeding fish
  • Enhances color and growth



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Specialized food for bottom feeding fishes

Staple fast skinking food for bottom-dwelling fish such as cory, loach, sucking loach, bichir and many types of catfish. Fishes will happily scrape away at the wafers just as they would eat in their natural habitat.

Feeding Instructions
Feed that amount which can be consumed by the fishes within 1-2 minutes. Please remove the left-over feed immediately.

Nutritional composition
Crude Protein: 34% | Crude Fat: 5% | Crude Fiber: 6% | Moisture: 7%

Keep the packet away from direct sunlight.
Keep in a cool and dry place.
Not for human consumption.


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