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AQUAFOREST Natural Substrate | 10L

Planted Aquarium Subsrate
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  • Nutrient rich, peat and clay based substrate for Planted Aquarium
  • Ideal for long-time plant support and growth
  • Creates excellent conditions for the root system



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AQUAFOREST Natural Substrate
Nutrient rich, peat & clay based substrate base for aquascapes & planted aquariums.

AF Natural Substrate is a nutrient rich, peat and clay based substrate base for aquascapes and planted aquariums. Readily available micronutrients and plant food within it create a fertile, nature-like environment, ideal for long-time plant support and growth. AF Natural Substrate is well suited for the development of a healthy root system, and to help aquatic plants thrive. The peat and clay natural Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) will also absorb any excess nutrients from the water, and either make them available through the roots, or release them back into the water once it becomes depleted. Features and benefits: The carefully selected peat creates excellent conditions for the root system, and supplies plants with all the necessary minerals and trace elements. Clay improves the texture, and acts as the base, achieving excellent consistency. Similarly to peat - clay acts as a natural layer for storing excess nutrients, and maintaining biological balance in the tank. Micronutrient contents have been supplemented under laboratory supervision to make sure that aquatic plants have an abundance of trace elements, while the chemical balance of the tank stays in check. AF Natural Substrate is rich in micronutrients, so for the first three months Aquaforest do not recommend the use of fertilizers containing micronutrients, unless the plants show visible signs of deficiency.


  • Spread the substrate on the bottom of the tank and compact it to achieve approx. 2-2.5 cm thick layer.
  • Cover with about 3cm of gravel or sand.
  • Gently fill aquarium with about 15 cm of water. In order to avoid disturbing the substrate, we suggest placing a plate or dish on the bottom, and directing the stream of water on to it.
  • Place the plants in the substrate.
  • Fill the aquarium with water.

10 L of AF Natural Substrate should be sufficient for a 200 L aquarium with a 100 cm x 40 cm bottom. Substrate can lower and stabilize the pH of the water, therefore it is recommended to use a dedicated test or probe.


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