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ISTA Compelet Professional CO2 Set

Planted Aquarium Goods
Category/Categories :
1 Planted Aquarium Supplies
2 CO2 Bubble Counters & Check Valves
3 CO2 Diffusers & Reactors
4 CO2 Indicators
5 CO2 Regulators & Cylinders
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  • Compelet Professional CO2 Set
  • Everything is included
  • Plug and play kind of unit
  • Easy to use and install



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ISTA Compelet Professional CO2 Set

TUV safety regulation approved seamless aluminum CO2 cylinder.
Supporting base included to prevent chance of falling of the CO2 cylinder to lead to further damage to the CO2 regulator.
CO2 controller can precisely control CO2 dosing and time of output, avoid CO2 waste.
Pipe holder to prevent CO2 pipe bending.
3 in 1 compact CO2 Diffuser-L, with CO2 bubble counter, check valve and diffuser, easy in installation. assure the best diffusing effect, easy for ceremic replacement.
CO2 indicator provides continuous and accurate monitoring CO2 level, plastic color chart sticker is reusable for changing the location.
Twin Setting Timer control individual timing setting for twin socket. (Set up individual for CO2 supply and lighting control remember to set up CO2 switch on and off one hour early than lighting for CO2 saving)


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