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AQUATIC VENTUREZ Pro Active Clay Balls | 1L

Aquarium Filter Media
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  • Helps to remove Ammonia & Nitrate
  • Can be used in all types of filters
  • Increases efficiency of filters
  • High surface area to allow for more bacteria to colonise



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AQUATIC VENTUREZ Pro Active Clay Balls

In big ponds and aquariums the increased metabolism due to high fish populations often leads to increased water pollution. For this reason Pro Active Clay Balls was developed.

AV Pro Active Clay Balls should ideally be put in the provided filter medium bags and must be washed under warm, running water before filling the filter. During the first filling of the filter the bacteria need approximately 2-4 weeks to reach about 70% of the filtration performance. After 4-6 weeks nearly 100% of the filtration performance is accomplished. The colonization time can be reduced by using bacterial cultures (bacteria starter).

AV Pro Active Clay Balls are made with the highest grade natural clay following a strict grading formula and is assembled via granulation method. By following this process we guarantee that you get a more consistent spherical shape and size with a more uniform and rigid structure that resists breaking. You get a consistent round shape that is rigid and made from 100% freshly mined raw clay material free of impurities and ready to use straight out of the bag.

Net Volume: 1L


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