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AQUATIC VENTUREZ Pro Active Bamboo Charcoal | 500ml

Aquarium Filter Media
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  • Exceptionally high absorption abilities
  • It is more solid and porous than other charcoals
  • Keep the water crystal clear
  • Prevent yellowing of the aquarium water



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AQUATIC VENTUREZ Pro Active Bamboo Charcoal

Our Pro Active Bamboo Charcoal has exceptionally high absorption abilities as it is more solid and porous than other charcoals. Even after Bamboo Charcoal has reached its absorptive peak, Bamboo Charcoal still works perfectly well as a biologicval filtration media for a long period of time, so unlike other Active Carbon media it does not need to be removed after 8-10 weeks of use.

It helps to keep the water crystal clear and prevent yellowing of the aquarium water.

Net weight: 500ml


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