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SICCE Space EKO+ 300 External Filter

900 L/H Aquarium Filter
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2 External Canister Filters
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  • SPACE EKO+ is designed to provide mechanical, chemical & biological filtration
  • Flow rate adjustment on top of filter
  • Complete with accessories and high quality filter media included
  • 900 L/H and suitbale for upto 300 liter of aquarium



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SICCE Space EKO+ 300 External Filter

SICCE Space EKO+ range ensure that your Aquarium and Terraquarium water will have amazing clarity thanks to the high quality filtration material supplied in each baskets. In fact, all of our SPACE EKO+ have been conceived and designed with the latest design techniques, to ensure crystal Aquarium water.


  • Easy and practical design
  • Works every time
  • Never fails to start the filter
  • Can be used with any shape or size aquarium
  • Starts filter effortlessly in less than a minute


  • Flow rate adjustment on top of filter
  • No need to move the filter
  • No more crawling under the tank cabinet just for small adjustments
  • Another practical solution from SICCE to make life easier for the hobbyist
  • SICCE, better by design

SPACE EKO+ is designed to provide mechanical, chemical and biological filtration:

Mechanical Filtration
Special sponge elements remove micro-particulates, resulting in crystal water and the proper environment for both biological and chemical filtration.

Biological Filteration
Conversion of ammonia and nitrites (both toxic for fish) into nitrates. Beneficial nitrifying bacteria convert harmful wastes in the presence of oxygen.

Mechanical filtration
Collection of finer impurities and for prolonging the life of the biological filtration.

After a short run-in period purification bacteria lodge in the foam material (Mechanical filtration stages 1-2-3) and ensure the intensive, biological decomposition of toxins.

SPACE EKO+ filters are built with low energy = low running costs silent motors and a Self-Cleaning lubricated impeller helps insure longer service life.
Every SPACE EKO+ is simple to install, and are supplied with lift-lock clamps provide quick access and secure closure and for quick access to the pump for easy maintenance.

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