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Planted Aquarium CO2 Systems
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2 CO2 Diffusers & Reactors
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  • Ready and easy to use plug and play CO2 system
  • Requires no cylinder & diffuser
  • Works on electric
  • Made in Italy



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CO2 Life is an innovative fertilization system, free of external supports or oxygen bottles.

Our patented system is provided of a carbon cartridge that guarantees a constant release of carbon dioxide (produced through electrolisis), avoiding rapid changes in the aquarium's Ph levels.

  • CO2 Life is adjustable to the user's needs, increasing or decreasing the release of CO2.
  • The carbon cartridge is small and must be substituted every 2/4 months, depending on the aquarium's characteristics.
  • CO2 Life is easy to install and to adjust, it is extremely compact and does not disturb the aesthetics of your aquarium.
  • Thanks to its suction cups, CO2 Life can be positioned aanywhere (vertically), even behind plants or rocks.


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