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About Aquariums India


Behind this Aquariums India E-commerce Store, there is a passionate hobbyist who had shown his interest in aquariums from his young days when he was just 8 years old. As you might not expect him to start his commercial venture in aquariums from his initial hobby days. He completed his diploma in computer science and started a computer consultancy service at the age of 19 and then he joined his family business.

He converted his childhood passion into a commercial venture only after acquiring a commendable experience in the aquariums and aquatic supplies industry and establishing a good clientele. Aquariums India was started as a commercial venture in 2005 by importing exotic aquarium fishes & accessories from China, Thailand & Singapore.

His initial clients were established during his computer consultancy stint. Some of the tanks constructed during these formative years still stand as an example for his craftsmanship.

Till date we have supplied aquarium products to 10000+ end users across India.

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