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Choosing a good Aquarium Store


Choosing a good Aquarium Store Here are some tips on choosing a Good Aquarium Store from which to purchase your fish and aquarium supplies. A Good Aquarium Store will have you greeted promptly upon entering the store and ask if you need assistance with anything or if you have any questions. A Good Aquarium Store does not only sell fish, but also other aquarium supplies like air pumps, filters, heaters, fish foods, medicines etc. Each and every one varies in terms of their stock, quality of the items and also service. With different choices in mind, it is always a good idea to visit as many aquarium stores that you can find to evaluate and check out the items yourself. A Good Aquarium Store should be neat and clean, well lit, and should have aisles wide enough to easily navigate. The aquariums should be clean and appropriately lit. A Good Aquarium Store will take measures to ensure the health of their inhabitants. Though it is very rare to find a aquarium shop where there are no sick animals, there should not be an excess of sick animals on the floor. Likewise, though it is rare to find a fish department that does not have a few dead fish daily, these fish should be being promptly removed from their tanks by employees. However, if the same fish corpse is in the same tank for long periods of time or on repeat visits, or if there is a large number of dead fish in multiple tanks, this may be an indication of poor care. A Good Aquarium Store will be a local pet shop rather than the pet department of a department store or a local branch of a large chain. A Good Aquarium Store does not carry painted or dye injected fish. A Good Aquarium Store will answer your questions directly and honestly, rather than giving you a misleading answer because it is what they think you want to hear or because it will improve sales. A Good Aquarium Store will never recommend purchasing a bowl, a vase, or a tank under ten gallons for any purpose, and will frequently let a customer that has chosen a small tank know that starting with a small tank is not advisable and is often more expensive and typically much more work require than a more reasonable sized tank. A Good Aquarium Store will encourage their patrons to purchase books on the care of their pets. A book can be a good resource for learning the basics, as well as a reference for the future with your pet. A Good Aquarium Store will not carry or offer anything else than aquarium fish and related products. A Good Aquarium Store will have a short guarantee on their fish, because they understand that the likelihood of fish loss when properly cared for is highly unlikely after the first couple of days after transport. A Good Aquarium Store is unlikely to recommend catfish or algae eaters to help clean a tank, as the well trained employees at a good aquarium store will know that catfish and algae eaters will not (except in rare and abnormal cases) help keep a tank cleaner, but will, in fact, produce more waste and increase the necessary tank maintenance as well as increasing the population of the tank while doing nothing to increase the capacity of the tank. A Good Aquarium Store will never recommend feeder goldfish for cycling your aquarium. A Good Aquarium Store will also not recommend feeder goldfish as a food for any fish. A Good Aquarium Store will not belittle your pets, regardless of what they are. However, they may recommend more, better, or more appropriate equipment or maintenance for your pets, depending on what equipment you have, or what equipment has recently become available. Not all stores will meet all of these requirements, but you will have to judge which of these you deem most important and evaluate the stores in your area for which one best suits your needs.

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